Why neXia?

We solved the adoption problem that large health organizations and Health Authorities are facing.

“Cost effective, Large scale EMR deployment to thousands of clinical and administrative users in a highly predictable and controlled manner, built on the foundation of “ONE PATIENT ONE RECORD”

The neXia platform is arguably the most intuitive enterprise grade EMR platform in the marketplace. By virtue of its architecture, it acts a communication and data sharing platform in any jurisdiction where the concept of “One Patient One Record” is a prerequisite for providing intelligent informed healthcare services.

A true Cloud based solution, it allows a large organization or Health Authority to offer all its constituents the most intuitive, comprehensive and secure EMR and business management platform for the health centers.

The unique data capture enables the collection of data in discrete fields which empowers data mining, reporting and sophisticated analytics of clinical and financial data.

neXia offers unparalleled intuitiveness with a well thought out predictive workflow engine, maximizing adoption and minimizing the need for training.