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Who We Serve

neXia’s suite of products and solutions were designed and architected with the input and the wisdom of our diverse user base.

We service large Healthcare Organizations that are either:

Local or National healthcare authorities that have the mandate of enabling clinical information automation.

Private Enterprise:
Large healthcare organizations that have multiple health delivery facilities across a broad geography.

We fill a specific vacuum in the healthcare market by addressing real and tangible market requirements:

1. Large Scale Deployments
2. Cost Effective, fast track total project execution
3. Highly intuitive platform for clinicians
4. Enhanced reporting & analytics through Discrete Data Capture

Since 2003, we have successfully implemented our products to health authorities and large enterprise clients in Canada servicing over 18,000 clinical users and healthcare administrators. Our track record in addressing client requirements in large scale projects is unparalleled in Canada. We are leveraging our Canadian experience to address similar opportunities in the international markets.