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Our Mission & Strategy

Contribute to the improvement of intelligent healthcare delivery by providing real time access to pertinent clinical and business information to healthcare providers and jurisdictional authorities by employing the principle of “One Patient One Record” TM

We achieved our strategy through the involvement and contributions of our clients representing clinicians as well healthcare business executives who helped us drive innovation within the organization, which is manifested in the innovative products and solutions we deliver.

We have employed a strategy that focuses on three key elements:

• Provide “Enterprise Grade” EMR and practice management platform that can be deployed by a Health Authority or a large business enterprise around the principle of “One Patient One Record” TM

• Consummerize Enterprise Software by creating a highly intuitive platform that requires minimal training by the end users. This drives high adoption and acceptability of technology at the clinical user level.

• Deliver interoperability between stakeholders to allow seamless bidirectional flow of information to facilitate communications and information sharing amongst stakeholders.