Mobile Application Designer

Mobile submission workflow and data collection.
All in the palm of your hands.

The same functionality, in a mobile package. All the great controls, business rules, and functionality that you expect from the browser submission experience is directly transferred to the mobile world. Every time you make a submission of an asset, everything you do in the mobile app gets instantly transferred to the browser version, so nothing is lost in translation.

Mobile Submissions.
Let your users make submissions of your assets on the go. We give you a fully featured mobile submission module to let any user view and submit assets on a mobile device.

Let your users make submissions
of your assets on the go.

Mobile Application Designer Mobile Features

neXia's Mobile Application Designer brings the power and features of neXia's eForm Designer to the mobile devices. The mobile version gives you the ability to capture information using your data collections assets from your space on your mobile device and submit it for the viewing and processing. You can also search and preview your asset submission and make changes to the submission if required.

Mobile Access
To make your asset ready for use on Mobile, you have to allow Mobile Access by accessing Mobile Form Designer in your browser. In your browser, go to the Assets and Data Management Tab, find the asset you want to enable mobile access for. In the General Information area, select the 'Mobile' checkbox. Click the Save button to save your changes. Your asset will now be available on Mobile

This feature allows you to sign in to Mobile. You can also let the app remember your username by changing the “Remember My Username” setting to “ON”.

Asset List
The Asset List tab gives you an overview of the assets you have in your Space. Your assets will be listed based on the categories to which they belong to. They are organized by category, as well as sub-category. These categories are the same as those that were made on Mobile Application Designer in your browser.

Asset Viewing
You can access an asset for submission, by simply tapping on its name in the list. The asset submission will appear in full-screen view. Submissions You can then begin to fill out the asset submission and submit it in the same way you would in your browser. Once you submit a data, it will be saved and you will be able to view and edit the submission by going to the Submissions tab, or in the browser version of Mobile Application Designer.