Medical and Clinical Records designed to simplify your workflow, improve patient experience and enhance practice revenue.

EMR Features

Clinical Notes
Choose the encounter information you want to collect, organize it the way you want to see it and follow the standards that are applicable to you and your team.

Be alerted to drug-drug and drug-allergy interactions through neXia's ePrescribing feature. Have your patient's medical history right in front of you as you make medication decisions.

Get real-time access to Patient Demographics, Medical History, Medication and Allergies with capabilities to order Labs, Diagnostic Imaging, Referrals, Injections and more.

Chronic Disease Management
Learn how flowsheets can help prevent complications and slow progression of various chronic diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, back problems, asthma, and chronic depression.

Preventative Care
As healthcare costs grow and as patients take greater interest in their own health, neXia's historic patient data provides the information to support real-time decisions which prove critical for successful preventative care programs.

Lab Results
Electronic repository of patient clinical data in a digital format enables easy sharing throughout healthcare ecosystem. Ordering Laboratories, New Diagnostic Imaging, New Immunization, Lab Results, Images, Vitals and more.

Transcribed Reports
Dramatically reduces the time physicians spend documenting care. neXia allows physicians the ability to dictate in their own words, generating “once and done” documentation.

Hospital Interfaces
Our centralized connection hub puts you at the heart of the Healthcare Ecosystem enabling you to seamlessly exchange data electronically with Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies, Payers and more.

Easily compose electronic prescriptions with real-time drug interaction warnings, comprehensive drug monographs and easy to understand patient handouts.

neXia integrates with the Best Claims Scrubbing on the market - AlphaII ClaimStaker. Get notified immediately on claim errors, fewer claim rejections and faster claim payments.

Repositories & Registries
Built around the concept of One Patient, One Record, neXia automatically generates a national repository of providers and patients, enabling high interoperability within the healthcare ecosystem.

Reporting and Analytics
neXia’s reporting and analytics tools provide executives with aggregate data across the organization. Management dashboards are available for at a glance view of the organization’s operational health.

Organizational Management
neXia’s administration tools support the configuration of a multitude of organizational entities and building relationships between them that meet the needs of your organization.

Privacy and Security
Role-based configurable access rights to data and functions ensures optimal patient privacy and compliance with jurisdictional legislation.