Electronic lab and transcribed reports, eClaims, ePrescribing and interfaces to jurisdictional repositories.

neXia’s platform architecture reflects the broader vision for a holistic and cohesive healthcare system which enables communication and data interoperability through the continuum of care. Jurisdictions benefit from the inherent advanced functionality of the neXia Model, realizing cost savings and better patient outcomes.

With an unparalleled jurisdiction deployment track record, proven model and high adoption rates, neXia is the premiere choice for regional Electronic Health Record solution.

Data Governance and Security
neXia’s One Patient One Record® model coupled with our security architecture ensures optimal security and privacy for patients crossing practices while maintaining a single comprehensive patient record.

neXia’s Enterprise model provides jurisdictions with the tools to standardize data collection and protocols of care across a region. Standardization ensures reliable reporting on various aspects of the healthcare delivery process and patient outcomes.

neXia’s single repository provides jurisdictions with centralized management tools for the setup and maintenance of regional registries including patients, providers, pharmacies, payers and other healthcare organizations

neXia supports secure electronic patient referral among the neXia network of users. The full referral cycle between primary care providers and specialists eliminates the generation of any hard copy documents and the need to manually record patient data when received by either provider.