eForm Designer

What is neXia eForms Designer?
neXia eForms Designer is an innovative online platform which allows your business to instantly and inexpensively create, collect, and share your data online and on mobile devices in the matter of minutes. neXia eForms Designer provides the unique ability to digitally convert any potential source of information into a structured electronic asset such as highly configurable and dynamic electronic forms, surveys, reports and then apply your business rules and workflows.

With unlimited data integration and manipulation capabilities, neXia eForms Designer is an end-to-end integrated solution for data management, collection, processing, and delivery. It's time to let go of endless paperwork, filing and insufficient processes and allow neXia eForms Designer to transform your company's operations into smooth, fast, and innovative processes fit for the modern business.

Bridge your data collection needs with your workflows and your applications quickly, effectively and safely.


What you can do with neXia eForms Designer?
Create fully customizable electronic assets that can do more than what a simple webform can. neXia eForms Designer gives you the tools to create a dynamic environment for any of your business needs - all in your browser and on mobile devices.

Whether you need simple forms such as:

• patient intake forms
• customer surveys
• invoices and work orders

Or you need complex workflows such as:

• insurance claims adjudication
• chronic disease flowsheets, or
• complex financial documents;

Get rid of paper!

• Remove the paper pain from your business workflow.

• Take any paper-based, scanned or PDF document and let neXia eForms Designer automatically create a digital version online by going through it and finding its data entry fields.

• You can take a paper form that you've been trying to put online for months into neXia eForms Designer in just a few seconds.


• With dozens of actions that your asset can perform, neXia eForms Designer offers the most dynamic electronic asset builder available.

• Let your asset do anything you need it to, from changing pages, to updating remote databases.

• With neXia eForms Designer, your business workflows come to life like never before.


• With neXia eForms Designer, everything is customizable.

• From the look and feel of the design, to the logic of your business rules, there is no limit to what you can do.

• We put no limits on size, shape, or creativity, and give you easy-to-use tools to let all those ideas work.

neXia eForms Designer Cloud Features

We strive to ensure that neXia eForms Designer is the best lightweight, yet feature rich, Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which covers most of the information digitizing and collaboration needs of the end user.

The large number of various features helps the end user easily learn and use the system, therefore quickly becoming productive.

Business Rules


Public Access

Asset Manager

Design your assets in a powerful environment, with all the content and data controls you need. Control the entire look and feel, and customize everything with no size, shape, or creative limitations.

The neXia eForms Designer Digitizer quickly and efficiently finds the different text fields, checkboxes, and other controls in a PDF or picture of a form using our powerful Entry Fields Recognition (EFR) software. It then automatically puts them together for you into an electronic asset, which you can start making submissions with, right away. Got a paper form that you want to have online, but don't want to spend hours putting it together from scratch? It's time to digitize it.

Business Rules
A Business Rules engine like no other. neXia eForms Designer provides an unparalleled ability to make your asset dynamic. With a huge number of events, logical functions/expressions, and actions built-in, the Business Rule Editor allows you to control everything, from what clicking a button does, to showing and hiding parts of your asset, or which database server to update when you submit a form.

Easily deploy your assets and let anyone you need make submissions. Give anyone you need access to your asset and make a submission by using a deployment URL, or do it directly within neXia eForms Designer to keep your assets private. Submissions are where your asset comes to life, when your design and business rules come together and create a great experience for any user of your neXia eForms Designer asset.

Data Source Integration
Whether you have a small table of data you want to pull from, or have hundreds of database servers that constantly need to be read from and updated, neXia eForms Designer has all of the Data Source Integration features you need.
Create and manage info from external databases and web services, or create your own internal data sets directly in neXia eForms Designer for quick access.
With neXia eForms Designer, your data will always be close at hand.

If you are building assets which will have submissions being sent around and changed by many people, you need an interface that allows you to see what changes are made and to communicate what is being done every step of the way. neXia eForms Designer's collaboration interface lets you to do just that. See who changed a submission, send messages between users, and have a bird's-eye-view of your entire workflow.

neXia eForms Designer does Mobile like no other.
Use your iPad (and iPhone coming soon) to create submissions of your asset on your mobile device with neXia eForms Designer's Mobile app, available on the iTunes App Store.
Your assets come to life in your hands, with your design and all the business rules you set up for them. When you make a submission in the mobile app, your changes are instantly reflected in neXia eForms Designer on the web.
neXia eForms Designer brings you seamless mobile integration, without losing form or functionality.

Public Access
Easily set who you want your asset to be accessible to.
Set your asset to allow public access, and use its deployment URL to allow submissions of this asset for anyone who has it. Once data is collected through a submission, it can be reviewed, and then approved or rejected.

neXia eForms Designer offers a comprehensive and easy to use role-based security model.
Permissions can be set at any level, from the entire asset, to individual page elements. You can create your own user roles to easily organize and manage who can access any part of your asset.
In addition, all your data transfers are secured using 128-bit SSL encryption during transmission and 256-bit AES encryption on storage. With neXia eForms Designer, security is always a priority.

Asset Manager
The Asset Manager is your central location for accessing all your assets.
From here, you can see all your assets, and open them up for editing. You can access the general info, designer, and business rules editor for each asset, as well as managing your categories and organizing your assets. You can also edit the data sources that you use for your assets.
The Asset Manager gives you all the tools you need to make sure your workflow is organized and effective for your needs.

neXia eForms Designer lets you easily export and import your assets and submissions.
Your data can be exported into various formats, including excel, XML, and HL7 (healthcare standard).
You can export/import information in the Asset Manager